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Timeless thinking and designing preserves the Artistry and adaptability of any place, especially of the larger gathering places like Auditoriums in school, colleges, Army, theatres, cinema Halls, Multi-purpose halls etc. these are places where we like to provide you with our expertise in the scenario.

We are Auditorium Works an end to end technical, structural and interior service provider for auditoriums. We celebrate a successful portfolio. We have created architectural designs for several auditoriums and theatres that are insulating, soundproof and well-drafted. Our company has advanced specialized services in architecture, especially for sound buffering, outside noise control, acoustical enhancement, equipment handling, HVAC, loads and power apertures. It is the first time in India that an agency has focused on specific areas of theatre designing.

We are first of our kind in India who mainly focus on providing our clients with professional auditorium architectural design services. We adopt smart engineering options for the advancement of a project as well as new innovative techniques that have been developed to conserve energy, maximize the utility of peripheral space, floor area, thermal insulation and other elements demanding smart engineering solutions. The schools, colleges and other types of proposed theatres in India can now avail the benefits of high-class architecture, with very little tangible investment.

We work for presenting all the attributes that conjoin together to build an auditorium like providing acoustic in a space, Seating arrangement, installing Audio-visual systems, Fire Fighting service, HAVC, Floorings, to ceiling, to Grid structure above to install lighting design, to curtain tracks, to all the different types of curtains needed to be installed and even the proscenium of a stage. Basically, our teams at the roots understand your visualization needs and are capable of designing stunning and breath-taking visuals for your projects. From designing visualization images and videos to creating 360 interactive panoramas, our team of artist's craft an experience that ensures the saleability of the envisioned project. Pre visualization support, Property interior or exterior rendering, Sample Flat Rendering, Video Walk-through, fly-through and 360 interactive panoramic tools. we cover everything and provide you with best solutions along with consultancy and top-notch service that is unmatched. We aim towards having separate divisions for handling different services with centralised management is to provide ease of project management and consultancy to the clients. With organised supervision for all divisions, customer can enjoy a one-stop solution for all their Auditorium Needs via Auditorium Works. We will manage and supervise the working of all divisions while providing the best of services from best teams around the country and rendering of their services to provide you with convenient project management and excellent execution of services. Customers can approach the division for their specific requirements and needs. We take care of the visions of our client and provide a service that will not fail to satisfy their expectancy. we have the teams of highly skilled sound engineers and consultants, who work with extreme dedication to providing the most competitive services that match the latest trends and international standards, they will spend countless hours to provide you with the expert services and a highly skilled team of manpower that will machinate to give a worthy output on time. The services rendered by the company are well known and appreciated for their design, portability, economy and long life. The company works along the most respected and certified vendors in the industry to maintain a high quality of the services. At Auditorium Works, we take an open approach to designing a timeless space. We provide expert advice for new and renovation projects. Our experts are working auditorium professionals and have hands-on knowledge of how these spaces work. We understand what these buildings need, now and in the future. We work with our clients to make sure each space achieves its full potential for its users and community.

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