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Places such as conference rooms, an auditorium or a convention centre is usually full of people in the obsequies of an event, seminar or some conference and such halls it is precisely important that the person sitting on the last bench should be able to look at what is being displayed and hear what is being said else the whole purpose of having a seminar can be lost. I suppose the capacity of an auditorium is 3000 people then the event will be successful only if everyone gets to see and understand what is happening and to get that right, you need an LED video wall for Auditorium. Therefore, video wall has many advantages The first and foremost one is clarity. The display of these indoor LED video walls for auditoriums are huge and the picture quality is amazing making sure that your audience would not miss a single detail of what is happening on the stage no matter how far they are sitting. Additionally, in most cases the auditoriums are very brightly lit and hence to get the perfect picture clarity of what’s happening on the stage, you need a very bright display. Not to forget that the indoor LED video walls for auditoriums are themselves colourful and long with the mesh and LED curtains they add to the decor.

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