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Auditorium lighting requires precise and efficient lighting to enhance the show and create the right moods. We take pride in not only providing excellent lighting fixtures and solutions but also turnkey solutions keeping the customers need in mind. Lighting can be used to direct attention to this area. A good tactic for doing this would be either directional spotlights or track lighting, depending on the size of the location. For smaller areas, properly placed track lighting can be sufficient, but larger locations will definitely require more focused light with a spotlight or floodlight. While you want lights that are made with the focus of directing attention, you want to make sure they aren't overpowering to the people working underneath them. When positioning your lights, aim them higher than the focal point itself. This will help to reduce glare. For the audience lighting aspect, you want to make sure the lighting is bright enough to allow for note-taking if needed. It can also be straining for the eyes if you are sitting in the dark while staring at a screen or stage with bright lights. While most locations would benefit greatly from incorporating both types of lighting into their plan, auditoriums usually require a certain level of low lighting to make projected screens more visible. Natural light can't be turned down or turned off the way artificial light can. therefore, for having a successful aesthetical space it is important to have properly handled the Illumination system.

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