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Auditorium Works; works along with the most respected and certified vendors in the industry to maintain a high quality of the services, provide you with Fire Fighting service, that is an essential Application when it comes to the protection of massive gathering areas like auditorium The largest complexes can sit thousands of people and their safety lies on the installation of these safety services. Covering aspects of fire prevention about design and construction of buildings on passive fire protection measures, also describing the various types of building material and their fire rating. Covering life safety provision in the event of a fire and similar emergencies, also addressing construction and occupancy features that are necessary to minimize danger to life from fire, smoke, fume, smoke and panic. It is one of the most important aspects of designing an auditorium, office, commercial, or uncommercial area, especially with a large gathering because of the presence of a lot of electrical pieces of equipment and grate number of gathering, the need for major security steps and cautiousness is must, something we are well aware of and includes Firefighting services as a lead part in the designing in the consideration of the safety of site and people.

Along with fire extinguisher, all the commercial buildings are required by law, to have Automatic Fire Fighting pieces of equipment like hydrant valve, nozzles, hose coupling and more. These pieces of equipment are used to form a complete Wet Riser System to ensure firefighting arrangements for more intense and dangerous fires. firefighting and security systems include fireproof drapes, smoke detectors, sprinklers, alarms, signage's, emergency evacuation ways, HVAC course, and right sort of ground level.

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