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As being one of the leading auditorium consultants and designers we believe it is our duty to introduce our clients with the latest trends and technology of the world that all together makes their aesthetics beautiful and the work simpler with the help of technical functionalities. Hence, we offer mechanisms like Digital Podium. It is a futuristic gadget that aims for up your learning experience by numerous indents. The easy-to-use device is furnished with contemporary features like an adjustable LED touch screen, wireless microphone, wireless mouse and keyboard, audio system, lock mechanism, etc. Globus Digital Podium adds value to your classroom or auditoriums with its wide range of useful features. It not only adds aesthetic value to yours to space but also transforms the learning experience holistically. Digital Podium is made with CRCA steel which is resistant to rust and mechanical strain. For added security, it comes with different types of locking mechanism including mechanical, RFID and password protection. With the help of Digital Podium, you can manage the data displayed on the screen remotely and interact with the audience at the same time. Conclusive of the fact, Digital Podium equips the presenters with modern tools of technology to facilitate a smooth and interactive lecture or seminar respectively.

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