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Auditorium works" a company that has received compliments in the offering Acoustic Ceilings. We have been acknowledged for our durable nature and dimensionally accuracy, these ceilings are manufactured according to the industry laid parameters. In addition to this, these are widely used in commercial and residential places. the false ceiling is a wired secondary ceiling hung or ties to the mother structure suspended. It is a staple in modern architecture for both residential and industrial works. The false ceiling is initially created in auditoriums to hide wiring, plumbing pipes, AC ducts, and sprinkler system. these days there are numerous types of false ceiling, for instance, the glass false ceiling. A typical draw of ceiling consists of a metal grid work of channels in a shape of upside-down T suspended or wired with mother structure. these channels are snapped together in a regularly spaced patterns of cells, each cell is then filled with ceiling tiles and panels and is simply dropped from the grid. Yet we offer these services at competitive market prices to suit the pocket requirements of different customers.

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