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We are India's leading acoustic designers. Before getting the services it is important to understand acoustics. Acoustic of sound is manipulation or study sound through Frequency, or its inverse, wavelength, Amplitude, sound pressure or Intensity, Speed of sound. Effecting the reflection, refraction, absorption, diffusion and interference of sound. All of these factors combined defines Acoustics of sound. When we are not able to hear sound from outside the space and do not let any sound skip out of the space this can be defined as "isolation" of sounds. Anyhow, when we apply acoustics to an enclosed space the major concern behind that is to get rid of the echo's and reverberations. Now, to get rid of these echo's we need some kind of absorption despite isolation because then the echo's will not be able to sneak out rather will keep bouncing inside the space. Therefore, acoustics provide nanotechnology of absorption in the room to reduce the echo wave-length. Hence, acoustic panelling's are made porous so that it can allow sound to pass through but by splitting it in multiple smaller waves. This objective of porosity proves that providing acoustics does isolate the sound, but absorb it, sometimes reflect and diffuse it.

In the bigger halls and empty spaces, sound tends to bounce rapidly

>Providing Acoustics that reflect sound is important to give direction to the sound. For this purpose, Acousticians have provided sound baffles usually hung through the ceiling to avoid sounds from rising higher and reflect it to the audience.

To avoid a disturbance of sound in just one area providing diffusion of sound is very important. Through this sound is distributed equally in the entire area. Diffusors are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Transmitting the absorbed sound and echo’s out of a space by breaking it into Nano wavelengths is the absorption of sound.

Placing Acoustic Panels on walls or ceilings is the best way to eliminate echo, reverb and reduce overall ambient noise in any room. Common sound issues are caused mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls. Therefore, strategically placing acoustical panels on your known reflection points will not only effectively clean up the sound in the room, but the right amount will eliminate all echo and noise issues.

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