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Projectors have been a requisite part of all educational institute, auditorium, seminar hall, conference room, and office for decades. Enduring in a variety of forms, multimedia projectors are used for multiple purposes ranging from conducting classroom lessons, conferences, meetings, seminars and even for infotainment some times. Though, different areas of purpose require different types of multimedia projectors. We are Auditorium works and we provide our expertise to design Auditorium and we make sure to provide our clients with all exquisite products, mechanism and aesthetic. We have a team of experts and tie-up with multiple high-quality brands to cater our client with a mechanism that always chases to imply perfection. And we bring to you the projection technology, there are four main varieties including; DLP, LCD and LCOS. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display while LCOS means Liquid Crystal on Silicon. Additionally, there are laser projectors that run on solid-state laser rather of a lamp for its light source. Different types of projectors serve different types of areas of use and have a separate range in terms of price.

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