Auditorium Works provide complete Auditorium Interior & Technical Solutions all under one management. We take care of project designing & consultancy, and provide you with a budget estimate and resource overview, so you can comprehend the project needs accordingly. 


The bill of Quantities abbreviated as BOQ is a tendering document and it is prepared by Quantity Surveyor or Architects. This is an important document in all types of building works. Its prepared based on the building plan which in turn is prepared by the architect. This is an itemized list of the various components needed for the work. Based on the description provided in the BOQ, the contractors can provide for a project estimate based on the accurate material description and requirement.

Auditorium Works help in designing the project BOQ. BOQ is an integral part of the project as it helps in getting an exact estimate of all the resources required and overhead budget calculations.
BOQ is very helpful in making the item-wise comparison of rate quoted by different contractors. BOQ contain various details like the preliminary description of the work, the preamble which provides details of the work involved. Thereafter, the comprehensive list of the materials needed is also provided


Auditorium Works can work on the positional & wiring plan designed by the Architect of a project. If these plans are missing, we provide cost efficient solutions for designing of these plans. Our team or Architects and Technicians survey a site and carefully prepare these plans with precision.

Positioning Plan is very important for effective installation of all the equipments and products, to best utilize the provided space and have maximum performance gain based on the position of all the equipments. Pre Electrical Work & Wiring plan are also of utmost importance, missing which no proper installation of Sound System and Lighting can be done. Our engineers help design the best wiring plan which is safe and efficient. With a well designed wiring plan all electrical work can be done smoothly, leaving good scope for future renovations and repairs.

Auditorium Works
Auditorium Works

CATWALKS provide efficient and safe access in a variety of manufacturing environments both indoors including racks or mezzanines. The walking surface of a catwalk can be bar grating or a solid surface, depending on the needs and environment. Main Catwalk that extends from the stage to the control room over the auditorium are located in positions hidden from audience view or directly above an audience. Catwalks are used to suspend lighting instruments and microphones directed at the stage. The catwalks provides easy access for theatre personnel to perform common tasks. For example lights may need to be accessed for maintenance, position adjustments, or addition and removal of gels and gobos.


STAGE CEILING GRIDS are designed to provide support for Stage Curtains & Stage Lighting. Different typed of Stage Grids are designed to match the asthetics of the Stage and also provide a platform for Hanging stage lights and support stage curtains Vertically. Auditorium Works provide services for the construction of Both Catwalks & Stage Ceiling Grips prior to the installation of Stage Curtains & Stage Lighting. Hence you do not need to approach another vendor for these services.

Auditorium Works
Auditorium Works